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Below please find a general description of the various services provided by Vista Consulting Group:

Valuation Services

VCG offers three types of valuation services for industrial equipment, transportation and aviation that are either currently in our Client’s portfolios are or being considered for financing transactions.  Below please find a general summary of each type of valuation: 

Desktop Value Analysis Click to learn more

Field Appraisals Click to learn more

Retainer Programs Click to learn more

Telephone Consultations Click to learn more

Residual Portfolio/Collateral Review Click to learn more

Inspection Services Click to learn more

Equipment Markets

Agriculture Aerial Lifts Aircraft-Business and Commercial
Automotive Repair/Diagnostic Aviation-Ground Support Bindery
Bindery Broadcasting/Film Editing Communications
Converting Cranes and Hoisting Equipment Fabrication
Food Processing Food Service (Restaurant) Forestry
Food Service (Restaurant) Golf Carts and Turf Maintenance Healthcare
Machine Tools Material Handling Medical
Mining (Surface & Underground) Office Equipment Office Furniture/Workstations
Over the Road Tractors Over the Road Trailers Packaging
Power Generation Plastics Prepress and Post Press
Printing Processing Refuse/Recycling
Recreational Test/Laboratory Textile
Transportation Waste Hauling & Recycling Woodworking

Valuation Services

Desktop Value Analysis
VCG provides Desktop Analysis Reports for determining current and projecting future Fair Market Values, Orderly Liquidation Values and Forced Liquidation Values for various equipment types. We normally conclude the Desktop Analysis without the benefit of a physical inspection and certain other criteria requisite to an appraisal. The purpose of the report is to provide guidelines of valuation only, and the accuracy of these guidelines is determined by the information provided and the time constraints inherent in the rendering of the opinion.

VCG offers two types of written analyses.  The basic Desktop Analysis includes the definition of the value concept(s) subject to the assignment and the value estimate(s).  The more comprehensive Desktop Analysis includes the definition of the value concept(s) subject to the assignment, the value estimate(s) and a written narrative.  The narrative will include but is not limited to the equipment application, its estimated economic useful life based upon utilization, variables that may impact the equipment value, the demand for the equipment in the secondary market and an estimate of the remarketing period. Return to the top

Valuation Services

Field Appraisals
VCG provides field appraisal services by appraisers who are accredited appraisers and members of the American Society of Appraisers and have extensive experience with a variety of equipment disciplines.  A field appraisal will include verification and a determination of the physical condition of the equipment subject to the assignment.  The report includes a description of the property, the value methodology applied, the valuation date of the appraisal and the conclusion of value(s).  The appraisal report is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of the Appraisal Institute. Return to the top

Valuation Services

Retainer Programs
VCG offers a Retainer Program designed to meet equipment valuation and documentation requirements in a cost effective manner to our clients.  Our programs offer telephone or email consultations and written reports for internal use only for the purpose of estimating the current and projected Fair Market Values, Orderly Liquidation Values and Forced Liquidation Values on selected transactions involving capital and transportation equipment financed, managed or to be financed.  In addition, written reports are in the form of a Desktop Analysis and include due diligence required by the Client on a variety of equipment types that may include but is not limited to value estimates, factors impacting values, economic useful life and secondary market dynamics and distribution channels. Return to the top

Valuation Services

Telephone Consultations
VCG will provide telephone consultations and forward information electronically for the purpose of estimating Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value and Forced Liquidation Values on selected transactions. These consultations would be general in nature and focus on value insights and equipment characteristics. Return to the top

Valuation Services

Residual Portfolio/Collateral Review
VCG can complete an annual residual value review of your booked residual portfolio in accordance with FASB 13 from an independent third party perspective.  VCG will:

  • Review the equipment under lease, the lease structure and supporting documentation.
  • Determine a realistic expected value to be realized at lease expiry through the lease structure and disposition of the equipment.
  • Perform a review on a semi-annual basis of selected transactions in your portfolio or an annual review of your entire portfolio.
  • Summarize our findings identifying any potential valuation issues with any recommendations for mitigating or managing the residual risk. Return to the top

Valuation Services

Inspection Services
This independent service is provided for risk management purposes to perform in-term inspections for credit related issues and end of term purposes to assist in determining the fair market value of the equipment approaching the end of its lease term.  This service identifies potential equipment condition deficiencies that may have an impact on the equipment value and in the event that the lessee exercises its return option under the lease, to assure that the equipment is being returned in accordance with the equipment provisions in the Lease Agreement.

VCG’s Inspection Services include:

  • Verification of the equipment and its serial number(s).
  • An onsite visual inspection of the equipment’s overall physical condition and if recommended, a mechanical inspection.
  • A review of its maintenance records.
  • An estimated cost of repairs.
  • Equipment tagging.
  • Photographs of the equipment.
  • An Inspection Report which will be completed and forwarded within (7) business days after the onsite visit has been completed.
  • Review of maintenance and return provisions within lease documentation, if applicable.
  • Current Fair Market and Orderly Liquidation Values of the equipment.

VCG has a national network of field inspectors that specialize in specific equipment types to perform the field work required for a field appraisal.  Our network of field inspectors allows VCG to complete the field work in a timely and cost-effective manner. Return to the top