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With over forty years of combined aviation asset management experience, VCG Aviation Services, LLC (VCG) is a leading provider of advisory services to owners and operators of both Corporate and Commercial Aircraft.  Our industry and asset expertise developed as asset and remarketing managers for large institutional finance companies and operating lessors uniquely positions VCG in the aviation community.  Our team has acted as buyer and seller, as operator and financier.  VCG has managed the full remarketing process from negotiating the return of an aircraft to its successful redeployment to a new operator while ensuring both financial and operational regulatory compliance.  Applying VCG’s “hands on approach” allows our clients to maintain and realize the highest value for their aviation assets.

Our clients include banks and financial institutions and aircraft owners and operators.  VCG provided the following services for our clients:

  • Manage lease return and ensure transaction compliance
  • Oversee maintenance visits, including heavy and bridge checks
  • Remarket aircraft and engines
  • Control engine tear downs
  • Act as Agent for delivery to new operator

VCG also manages:

  • Aircraft Appraisals
  • Technical and Records Inspections
  • Aircraft Part Sourcing
  • Heavy Maintenance Visits
  • Reconfiguration and conversions
  • VCG’s capitalization allows it to purchase aircraft and engines for its managed portfolio.

We are an active member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT).